Pool list


I will post all (supported by COINTECH or Mobiuscoin community) current SHA256d mining pools and their status:

Mobiuscoin pools:

Temporary stopped MPOS: http://mobiuscoin.cointech.net/ is still working, but have problems with confirmation e-mails (false marked as spam) and I prefer to use on of the next two pools.

MPOS: http://minerpools.linuxd.org/MOBI_MPOS/public/ managed by K. Kemp and works fine with mail confirmations

Domain expired and the pool is down P2Pool: http://pool.mobiuscoin.com:9321 you can mine with your wallet address as username and no email confirmation required. Configure your miner to mine at server stratum+tcp://pool.mobiuscoin.com:9321 username _your_wallet_address_ and any password.

Get the P2Pool software from https://github.com/rkarpuzov/p2pool